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Custom fabric covered light switch and outlet covers

Coordinate your light switch covers with your room, cover one with fabric that you like, pick your child's favorite characters, whatever you like.  The lightswitch covers can be recycled from those you already have at home or you can buy them for a quarter or so at any home store.  Once you make your pattern, you can use it over and over again.  Use the general guidelines below to make something fun an beautiful!  (Not to mention unique.)

Start with any light switch cover or outlet cover. You can use dimmer switch covers too.

Trace the cover itself and then draw a line about 1" or so from the edge of the cover edge. 

Cut out the template and the center for a window. (You can use cardboard, plastic, whatever you have handy to make the template.)

Place the window on your fabric and choose an area that lets the design show through. Keep in mind the type of cover you are using and what you have to cut out of it when you're done.

Set aside your cut fabric (upper right hand corner) and gather Mod Podge, a brush, and a surface upon which to work. (I like using leftover cardboard.)

"Paint" the face of the cover with Mod Podge, avoiding the area closed to the openings. 

Place the fabric over the coated outlet cover and press into place with your hands.

Turn over the cover and add Mod Podge to the edges.  Paint a bit of Mod Podge on the fabric too.  Press the fabric to the back of the cover with your fingers.

Miter the corners using any method that is comfortable to you after liberally applying Mod Podge to adhere.

Use clothespins or something similar to hold the corners in place while they dry.  These may stick in the drying process, but that's okay.  You can also take the clothespins off before the cover is thoroughly dry. 

After the cover is dry, remove the clothespins and...

....use a craft knife to cut from corner to corner inside the openings. For a light switch cover, do NOT cut the fabric tabs off.  For an outlet cover, the piece that will be turned under at the screw hole ege will need to be trimmed down.

Cut from corner to corner for a light switch cover and turn the tabs of fabric to the back of the cover.

Using Mod Podge, "glue" the tabs of fabric in place.  Apply another coating of Mod Podge to the turned down edges and allow to dry.

When the back side is dry, turn over and prop on clothepins or other items, and give the top a coating of Mod Podge.

After the Mod Podge is dry, add a coating of clear, water based vinyl (not shown) to finish and to allow the switch covers to be washable with a sponge or cloth.

We dipped the heads of the screws that came with the light switch cover into a complementary paint. There you go - very simple.  After you make one or two of these, you'll start to find things you could try to make the next one simpler. 

Here are some pictures of other light switch covers we've done. You can use any blank to cover - one switch, two switch, new style, old style, whatever you like.
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