I love to sew doll clothes, primarily 18" dolls (American Girl, Apple Valley Doll, and other 18" dolls used as models). The doll quilts I've made would work for any size doll and you can find instructions for at least one doll quilt on the projects page.

Click on the small picture for a better view. Thumbnails make the page load quicker :) Feel free to email me with comments or questions.
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Clifford the Big Red Dog, 2 fabrics used to create a dress with decorative accented bodice, long sleeves, hems using piping and machine embroidery, and a collar trimmed with piping. Two Velcro closuers in the back, as well as one snap.

Close up of bodice of Clifford dress, showing ribbon, button, and piping accents.

View of sleeve detail of Clifford dress.

View of the hem of the Clifford dress showing machine embroidery and yellow piping along hem line.

Back of Clifford dress. (AV Jackie model. 02/05/2003)

More clothing to come.

More clothing to come.

Ribbon vest with 2-tone jeans accented in matching ribbon. Emily's Choice.

Close up of ribbon work and edge binding on vest front.

Close up of ribbon accenting hem of jeans.

View of 2-tone nature of jeans. (Blonde AGOT model. 02/05/2003)

A Victorian style dress with waist apron, vintage laces, and a dark blue print.

Close up of the top portion of the dress, the ribbon surrounding the waist, and the waist apron.

Close up of the skirt, including lace.

Back of dress including ribbon tie. (10/28/2002 - sold)

Teddy bear and balloon dress with wooden button scrunchie and original design work.

Close up of top of dress.

Close up of back of dress.

Close up of scrunchie with matching wooden button teddy bear. (11/04/2002 - sold)

Dress made with lace, ribbons, and Teletubbies fabric.

Close up of front lace and ribbon work.

Close up of back lace and ribbon work. (11/30/2002)

Teletubbies overalls with matching blouse. Collar of blouse created with lace and Teletubbies fabric.

Close up of detailed pocket. (AGOT model. 11/30/2002)

A Hershey outfit - top, jeans, tote, and scrunchie.

Close up of the top and tote bag.

Scrunchie to match the outfit. (10/27/2002 - sold)

Muted colors of rose, green, beige, all subtle and suitable for summer or fall. Muslin bib collar accented with bow. Snap closure on back & Velcro closure on cuffs. Lace completes the hem. (10/13/2002)

Right view of the dress.

Left view of the dress.

Back view of the dress.

Close up of muslin collar with bow.

Close up of sleeves and cuffs. (10/13/2002 - sold)

Simple school dress. Jumper made of plaid fabric and white blouse trimmed in corded piping at cuffs and collar matching the plaid. The plaid dress is trimmed with white grosgrain ribbon on the front.

Closer view of blouse opening, collar with trim, and cuffs with trim. Blouse closes in front with Velcro.

Right side view of dress and blouse.

Left side view of dress and blouse. (10/06/2002 - sold)

This is a fairly intricate open weave vest. It took a couple of nights to put together after I got in my head exactly what I wanted to do. I used dissolving paper as a stabilizer to do the stitching. The ribbon is 1/8" wide and was given to me by Ruth on the CT list. The hold left by the open weave are about 1/4" in size. The bias binding and back of the vest are a lightly colored paisley print.

A nice close up of the weaving. The ribbons were put on the stabilizer and then stitched together after the weaving was done.

Another close up, actually closer up, of the front.

The vest on a hanger.

Here's a back view of the vest.
(09/25/2002 - sold)
Here's a two-piece set made of white cotton for the blouse and a printed blend and green cotton for the skirt. The two green buttons on the suspenders are vintage and from my mother's button box. They are at least 35-40 years old. The suspenders use the buttons as decoration only and Velcro is used to attach the suspenders to the skirt waistband. The flowered fabric was a gift to me from a friend many years ago.

Here's a closer view of the front. There are two green pockets on the skirt with applique flowers from the skirt fabric. I used Wonder Under and zig zag stitching for application of the appliques. There is a green ribbon with picot trim around the cuffs of the sleeves. The same color ribbon was used to make the two bows on the front of the blouse. The bows on the blouse are accented with a faux pearl.
A closer look at the accenting on the front of the outfit.

Here's a back view of the dress. Note the bow at the midpart of the middle seam in the back. This was an after thought as I had some of the green ribbon remaining and it looked like a good place to use it. The blouse is closed with two pieces of Velcro and the skirt is closed with Velcro in the back as well. (09252002 - sold)

Pinafore made of homespun cotton and a muslin underdress. Trim used on pinafore is used at hem and cuffs of underdress. Machine applique on pinafore of apples/cherries depending on what you see. They started out as apples :) The neck area of the underdress is accented by a small silk bow with a faux pearl in the center.

Back view of the pinafore and underdress. The underdress has a snap closure at the back neck and the pinafore uses Velcro to serve as a closure.

Side view of pinafore and underdress.

Close up of the neckline and bodice of pinafore.

Detailed view of the sleeve/cuff.

Closer view of the applique on the pinafore.
(09/21/2002 -Sold)

Blend of five brown fabrics used to create a strip quilted vest. The binding is one of the five fabrics in the strips. There is a bit of lace throughout the front of the vest. The same lace is used at the hem of the light blue denim jeans. The back of the vest is of the same fabric as the jeans.

Closeup view of the vest itself. The blouse is seen in many of the outfit pictures below and is a Pleasant Company piece that we use for modeling.

Closeup view of the front of the jeans. Note the lace at the hemline.

Back view of the vest and jeans.
(09/21/2002 - sold)

Cute Christmas dress made with a variety of holiday fabrics.

Back view of the dress showing a simpler design.

On closeup, you can see ribbon used at the waist, red loop trim used on the collar and at the end of the sleeves, the Santa bias trim used as an embellishment, and a cute Santa button at the collar.

Doll quilt made from an old discarded quilt top that I rescued and reused.

Denim and ribbon patchwork doll quilt.

Cathedral Window Paddington Bear doll quilt.

This is an open weave vest. It's the first attempt using dissolving base paper and it worked well. This particular vest is made with primarily pink rick racks and ribbons, and the binding and back fabric are a lightweight pink/lavender cotton fabric.

This is a closer view of the weaving in the vest. You can see the colors a bit better in this view.

Closeup of the back (which is also the fabric from which the bias binding was made).

View of the jeans. I make jeans often, so when I sell sets, it may not be the exact jeans in the picture. I try to pick the best ones to go with the vests.
(09/16/2002 - sold)

Dress of mainly purple and lavender. Trimmed with lace and a bow with pearl at the collar, a sash across the waist, lace and inset fabric on the skirt, and coordinating trim fabric at the cuffs.

Rear view of dress showing bow. Velcro closures at upper back and mid part of the lower skirt.

Closeup view of the bodice, showing collar lace and ribbon trims. The same lace is used on the skirt for accent.

Closeup view of trim work on the skirt.
(09/14/2002 - sold)

Red, white, and blue vest with red and white ribbon trim and denim jeans, made on 09/11/2002 in honor and memory of all people affected by the tragedy of one year earlier.

Detail of jeans, faux fly and pockets.

Detail of front of vest, showing closeup of design and ribbon.

Back of vest.

Left view of vest and jeans.

Right view of vest and jeans.
(9/11/2002 - Sold)

Blue and white school dress.

Detail of front of blue and white school dress.

Back of school dress. Velcro Closure. Ribbon tie.

Detail of front, school dress. Ribbon and lace center front and around waist. Blue flower button (Allison's choice).
(09/02/2002 - sold)

Brown and beige strip quilted vest.

Back of vest.

Vest shown with store bought white blouse and made blue jeans with faux fly and faux pockets.

Back of jeans.

Purple strip quilted vest with jeans and store bought white blouse.

Detail of purple vest front.

Back of purple vest. (Sold)

Dress made with cream colored fabric and brown calico, brown bias tape, and handmade piping.

Another view of the brown dress.
This was my first attempt at making an AG Doll dress.  I kept it for a long time before selling.

Another strip quilted vest using cottons and blends. The binding fabric is from a cotton half-slip that was made for me when I was 13 by my friend, Helen Potts (now Helen Comet). She was one of the people I knew who could sew, and I thought it was pretty cool. I've had the slip all this time, 34 years, and decided to use it for this project to tie everything together. Cargo pants are described below.

A closeup view of the vest. Again, I used five colors. In this case, I placed the strips so that they run diagonally from one side of the front to the other to give the illusion of a continuous strip of color.

Closeup of the cargo pants. There are side pockets and a faux fly. These pants were made from fabric gleaned from an old pair of Old Navy cargo pants. The fabric is fairly heavy, though very soft. There are two pleats in the front, two pleats in the back, and the back waistband has a small strip of elastic encased within.

Left view of outfit, showing pocket and hair scrunchie.

Back view of outfit, showing hair scrunchie.

Right view of outfit, showing pocket and hair scrunchie.
(09/08/2002 - sold)

Drop waist Halloween dress with scrunchie and bag. Orange rick-rack trim.

Back view of Halloween dress.

Small treat bag made of coordinating fabric.

Closeup of trim, bodice.
Closeup of neck trim.

Closeup of cuff trim.
(09/09/2002 - sold)

More clothing to come.

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